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“Galeto” in Portuguese refers to a tender rotisserie chicken. You ask why we have named one of our favorite BBQ cuts of beef after chicken? I can’t answer that accurately myself other than chalking it up to local lore and cultural confusion. In the Bay Area, Galeto is also the name of a popular Brazilian Steakhouse that has become so well-known its practically got a cut of beef named after it. In Brazil this cut would be called the “Alcatra”, and in the rest of the US it’s called the Bottom Sirloin. And at home we like to call it the center piece of next Sunday’s Asado. Consider this cut the South American equivalent to the tri tip. When slow roasted whole and served thinly sliced your guests will applaud you for your mastery of the grill.

Here is an interesting article online about the Alcatra from a churrasco BBQ supply company.

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