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Skirt Steak

For many years the skirt steak was discarded into the ground beef pile in the US. There are two different skirt steaks on the animal, called the inside and the outside. Located between the 6th and 12th rib along the belly, these two muscles comprise of the diaphragm section. While they both cook and eat the same, the inside skirt is thinner and longer, and the outside skirt is thicker and shorter. The two muscles are often times sold interchangeably.

Mexican ranch hands in South Texas adopted this cut for their tacos and a hundred years later the Skirt Steak became the centerpiece of the Tex-Mex revolution. Prized for its richflavor not its tenderness, this cut benefits from an acid based marinade. It is most commonly served with a pepper lime marinade, grilled and thinly sliced for Beef Fajita Tacos.

For a colorful narrative of this cut’s history check out this article from the Austin Chronicle [click here]

Suggested Recipe Links:

Here is a recipe by the original South Texas restaurateur that started the Beef Fajita Craze

Grilled Beef Skirt Steak with Onion Marinade

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Suggested Methods:

For best results marinade for 2 hours, then grill whole. Just before serving, cut the skirt into 3-4 inch sections, then rotate and slice against the grain into strips.