BRasas Ranch Subscription

100% Grass Fed Wagyu Beef


Sustainably raised yet Incredibly indulgent

We are pleased to invite you to join the Palmaz family on our next culinary adventure. For the past several years, we have been restoring a historic cattle ranch in the Sierra Mountains. There, we began raising 100% pure-bred Wagyu cattle to produce exquisite grass-fed beef in the most humane and environmentally sustainable manner possible. 

At last, our passion for great food and wine is complete. After years of meticulous preparation, we are ready to share with you the perfect pairing for our Napa Valley wines. This extraordinary beef is now available directly to friends of the Genesee Valley Ranch.

Ranch Memberships for 2019 are sold out.  

Now accepting sign-ups for 2020! 

*Existing active memberships do not require renewal. 

Over the course of a year you will receive a complete 1/6th of the cow in easy to store and prepare packages.  Each bi-monthly shipment will contain 8-10 packages of assorted cuts of beef with accompanying literature on each cut’s origins, recipes, and suggested pairings. Brasas ranch membership will not only stock your kitchen with incredible beef but will also expand your knowledge of butchery.  Discover how different cultures approach cooking with the world's most coveted beef.


Responsible Indulgences

As a Brasas Ranch subscriber you will receive extraordinary quality beef that has been sustainably raised and responsibly sourced. The luxury food industry is rife with waste, but with our ranch subscription no part of the animal has been wasted.


Join the Brasas Ranch SUBSCRIPTION

Simply fill out the form and below and someone from the friendly Brasas Food and Wine concierge team will contact you to confirm availability and gather billing information. 

Shipping and Membership Policies:  As a member of the Brasas Society, your credit card will be automatically charged and beef packages shipped two weeks prior to their public release. Shipments may be held due to weather, and shipped at a later date. Membership is for a one year minimum and will automatically renew. You may cancel membership after one year by sending a written notice of cancelation that will be effective 30 days after receipt.

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