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Bottom Round Cubed Steak

The bottom round is a large ball shaped muscle on the rump of the animal. This lean long-grained muscle can be tough and hence is most commonly sliced thin and tenderized. Here in the US, the most popular application is the Southern Chicken Fried Steak, however many other regions have similar versions. In Germany it’s known as the Schnitzel, in Italy it’s known as the Milanese and served with pasta. In the Alps this cut is known as the Swiss Steak and is braised in a tomato gravy. Regardless of where your palate takes you, this rich, lean beef cut becomes a family table favorite.

Suggested Recipe Links:

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Beef Milanese – Try this Veal recipe and swap out for our beef. Trust me, our beef is tender enough to pass for veal

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Suggested Methods:

Breaded and then either backed of fried