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The sirloin bavette steak, also called (less flatteringly) the flap or bottom sirloin butt, is the obliquus abdominus muscle. This cut is a favorite of Brazilian churrascarias, and has been a staple of French bistros for over a century — the quintessential steak frites. Bavette means “bib” in French, and is used to describe thin steak cuts in general. (The more specific name for this sirloin cut is bavette d’aloyau, in case you’re headed to France soon.) The coarse grain lends itself beautifully to marinades, grilling, and pan-searing, but this steak does best when it has a little time to let the fibers break down. Slicing across the grain is absolutely essential for bavette, just as it with flank steak.

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Cut From:

Bottom Sirloin

Suggested Methods:

Low-Heat Grill